Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whose Vision Are You Serving?

This morning, during Sunday School our Pastor gave a sermon (on 1 Samuel 20) about the nature of the friendship between David & Jonathan, as compared to Saul's response to David.

Jonathan saw things from a bigger-picture mindset. He had a Kingdom Perspective. He grasped the Vision & acted upon it. Jonathan's heart was immediately knit to David's. They were One in spirit & had the same motives & goals in life (glorifying God). Jonathan had no desire to promote himself or his interests. He was captivated with the Power, Honor & the Glory of God. He was servant-minded. He gave up his robe & sword to God's Chosen King. He possessed the Vision & the Revelation. He led by his conduct. Can you imagine the effect his submission to David's leadership (& his love for him) had on the nation of Israel?

He was Saul's eldest son. He was next in line for the throne. But he set all of that aside to serve a Vision & Purpose greater than himself. And he spared David's life. He had a right heart & spirit before God. His zeal was for God, not for his own self-advancement. He wasn't seeking authority over others. He just wanted to see God glorified. He was selfless. He had no purpose in life other than seeing God work through his life. He did exploits for God's glory.

What of Jonathan's father Saul? What do you think was at the center of his motives? What was in his heart, thoughts, emotions, actions etc? (Selfishness, self-preservation). This is the danger of a "wasted life"- a life not lived to bring God glory. He was driven by jealousy & pride. He had lost his love for the Kingdom. We have a small, cowardly vision when we are focused on Self.

My Pastor spoke on the beauty of a David & Jonathan relationship, of two souls knit together, joined in heart & in spirit, like-minded,  pursing a common goal (Christ). I am blessed to be in several of these relationships in my life!!!

There were a lot of good lessons to be gleaned today. And then our pastor's nephew (our assistant pastor) spoke on 1 Corinthians 10, warning against idolatry...


  1. Sounds like a good message/lesson! Kate....I don't have much to say after I read these good things which you write and post for us to learn from, but I assure you, they bless me. I'm sure they bless all your blog readers! Just somehow, we can't add anything to the truth, so we don't commment. But I will try to more often after this. At least I can say truthfully ''Amen''! :)

    Kate, I awarded you! Come by and read all about the awarding process. ;) You can post it here or on your 2nd blog, if you like, but I put the Walk by Faith link on the post.

  2. Thank you for the comment, Marjo! Do not ever feel pressured to comment, please. My posts are there for anyone to read & be encouraged by. If you are able to read them, that is good, but if not, no worries. God alone knows what is best for you to read (& how to spend your time) & what is MOST beneficial, convicting & encouraging for you. Do not worry! :)

    Thanks for the compliments & the encouragements, Marjo! :)

    Thank you for the award. I will try to repost it soon, if I remember... ;)

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