Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God Moves in a Mysterious Way Hymn

"God moves in a mysterious way/ His wonders to perform/
He works His sovereign will/ Fearful saints, fresh courage take/
The clouds ye so much dread/ Are big with mercy & shall break/
In blessings on your head/ Judge not the Lord by feeble sense/
Trust Him for His grace/ Behind a frowning providence/
Hides a smiling face/ The bud may have a bitter taste/
But sweet will be the flower" - William Cowper, hymn

I think this might be my favorite hymn of all time. We've been singing it quite regularly at Church recently. About a month ago, our pastor gave a short biography of William Cowper before we sang it. The deep valleys, the depression & suicide attempts this man went through...
It just reminds me that not every Saint's path to Salvation is straight & narrow. ...Not every Sinner is filled with Joy upon the moment of Conversion. Some must fight & war til the very end. And not always is there a happy ending... But God is Faithful none-the-less. His purposes are accomplished. And His ways are GOOD. He is Worthy of our praise!

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