Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Identity in Christ

A couple of years ago I heard a pastor give a sermon on identity (who you are & how people view you) . He said that there are 3 types of identity- your perceived identity (how you view yourself), your portrayed identity (how you allow others to view you) & your real/true identity (who you REALLY are).

His point was that the only "value" we have stems from who we are in Christ. And your identity should be intrinsically tied to the Church, the Body of Christ.

If we truly are the Church, His Redeemed etc, then we should do something to act like it! What does the World see when  they look at us? Why aren't we any different from them???

We are Called to "come into stride with God." We need to see ourselves & the Church as God sees & look for our identity in Christ alone. We are NOT defined by this World, thus we don't have to live by its standards. Are you trying to "save face" among other Christians? Are you trying to prove yourself to others? Are your priorities mixed up?

None of this is done in our own strength. It is God working through us. This is not dependent on anything we did. Are you trying to earn or deserve His Grace? Stop. For we will never be "good enough" to deserve His mercy. Christ alone was perfect. His Sacrifice is sufficient. Our lives should echo "I am nothing apart from God, only God" over & over & over again.

We are no longer dead to sin. We are new creations. We are the adopted children of God. We are overcomers- justified, redeemed & saved! This puts a whole new perspective on life. We are not our own. Our lives were bought at a price. We are now "slaves to righteousness."

Are you confident in His Love? He completes what He has begun & His Power is sufficient to execute all that He desires. We have unwavering faith that He will bring His Promise to pass as He said. We still trust in His Salvation. Our hope is assured. Amen! 

All that matter is a right relationship with Christ. All else fades. Spend so much time on the fake, temporal & the unimportant. Only to realize too late they wasted their life. A life full of regret. What choice will you make today?

We are who God has declared us to be. Now live it out! Trust and believe!

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