Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do Hard Things Conference 2010- Recap

August 28, 2010

Today marks the two-year-anniversary since we attended the Do Hard Things Conference in St Louis, MO. Alex & Brett Harris' book Do Hard Things has changed my life. God used it at the exact moment that I needed to hear its message. The twins' message still daily impacts my life.

They've impacted my blog too. Particularly, my posts on "Walking With the Wise," modesty (Parts I & II here) & do hard things (Parts I & II).

I'll never forget that day. It was early, it was long, it was late. I spent it with some of my best friends. I made new friends that day too- great friends! We heard a great message, left inspired & ready to take on the world! 

Last year, Alex & Brett announced on their website that they're no longer touring the USA with the DHT message. Since Alex & Courtney got married & the twins are now done with College (at Patrick Henry), we're excited to see what God has in store for them next... Maybe they'll go on to write more books like their big brother Josh? :)

That day in 2010 also marked a major milestone in two of my friends' lives & the mess that followed that Autumn- the hardest thing I have ever experienced to date. That Autumn changed the way I look at everything.
As a refresher, some of the principles in Do Hard Things are:

5 Kinds of Hard Things
1) Things that take you out of your comfort zone (taking risks in order to grow)
2) Things that go beyond what is expected or required (pursuing excellence)
3) Things that are too big to accomplish alone (daring & dreaming big)
4) Things that go against the cultural norm (taking a stand for what's right)
5) Things that don't earn immediate payoff (being Faithful & choosing integrity)

I would encourage you to read the book, follow the blog & buy the Conference DVD today!

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